K12kidz offers a learning experience unlike any other, where children can explore, learn and grow.
Our Elementary School Program offers a full nationally aligned common core curriculum that runs from 1st to 8th grade. The program engages young minds and facilitates learning in a new visual and auditory way.  Students can take their time with each lesson until they feel they have fully mastered the material. With practice tests and mastery exams, parents can be sure that their child is learning and they can see it through the built in progress reports.  Along with our Technology Classes, our Elementary School Program encompasses a full educational experience that will make learning fun and engaging for your student.
Our High School Program is a full nationally aligned common core curriculum that runs from 9th to 12th  grade. With engaging electives such as Anthropology, Art Appreciation, Lifetime Fitness, Personal Finance and more students will have an amazing online educational experience learning visually with in depth examples that will retain their interest and clearly explain each lesson. With the included College Readiness Courses our curriculum is a complete online tool that will teach your child everything they need to know and prepare them for their next education journey.

We also offer our students many electives so they can expand their knowledge and engage their growing curiosity. Depending on their interests and needs students will be able to choose from Imagine Mars, Keyboarding and Word Processing, Online Safety, AP Courses,  Credit Recovery, and GED Prep Bundle.

At K12kidz we understand that “one size fits all” does not apply in learning and we embrace that fact by providing children with a system for both visual and auditory learning. Since each child is unique and learns specific topics at different rates, we are pleased to offer parents the ability to adjust their child’s individual course level to where they fit best. Whether a child finds themselves ahead of their grade in a course or requires extra help in another, they will be right at home within our school.
We hope you and your children will take advantage of all the amazing programs K12Kidz has to offer and be part of our growing educational family for many years to come!