K12Kidz assessment program contains over 130,000 test items designed to determine whether students have mastered specific skills. These items can be administered to students in either our Course Assessments or our Adaptive Assessments described below.


Course Assessments

Our Course Assessments provide a comprehensive evaluation of the knowledge and skills that are taught in a course title. Course Assessments are available for every course/title in the following curricular areas:

  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • Social Sciences

For each title/course, a course assessment is available:

  • This can be used as a pre-test.
  • It tests students on every learning objective for the course.
  • Provides a record of the student mastery of the course material via two scores:
    • Percentage of questions answered correctly.
    • Report of the skills for which the student showed mastery.
  • We can then prescribe lessons for those objectives that have not been mastered, thereby shortening the time required to master the course objectives.

Adaptive Assessments


Our adaptive assessment can be employed for completely individualized student instruction. This assessment is created by selecting particular skills to test. The difference is that the assessment can be configured to adapt to the student’s performance.

  • If a student demonstrates mastery of a skill, we will test the student on a more difficult skill.
  • If the student does not demonstrate mastery of the skill, then we will test the student on the skills that are prerequisite to the tested skill.
  • This adaptive assessment technology can be used to pinpoint a student’s abilities with minimal exposure to failure.
  • Lessons can be automatically prescribed based on students’ assessment results.

After determining where a student is academically, K12Kidz can then customize their curriculum specially for their learning abilities. There is no additional cost for this service, once enrolled a test assessment can be requested via