Imagine Mars

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Imagine Mars

Integrating STEM through Project-Based Learning


Imagine your students collaborating and problem-solving how to build the very best community on Mars. Imagine their curiosity flourishing as they consider ideas and challenges. Now imagine you have the resources to create these experiences — with Imagine Mars, a Web-delivered project that motivates students to engage with STEM, hone their 21st century skills, and become confident, passionate science learners.

Build 21st century skills


Give your students practice and let them experience success in critical 21st century skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving through this project-based learning approach. Get all the resources you need to lead a project, including a comprehensive teachers’ guide.


Integrate STEM


Create cross-curricular connections with science, technology, engineering and math in engaging lessons, collaborative activities and journal assignments. Provide students with authentic projects and hands-on, experiential learning to solve a problem that is relevant to them.


Step-by-step support


Simplify implementation and walk students through five critical steps that each build on the next: Reflect, Imagine, Discover, Create and Share. More than a curriculum, Imagine Mars provides teachers with a process that motivates students to authentically solve problems.


Imagine Mars guides students through five steps, each laying the foundation for the next.

1. Reflect

  • Explore what they know about communities
  • Recall prior knowledge to encourage their creative thinking

2. Imagine

  • Imagine life on Mars
  • Identify areas of interest to explore

3. Discover

  • Research how Mars is different than Earth
  • Use factual data to answer specific questions

4. Create

  • Create a model Mars community
  • Apply information gathered to model a solution

5. Share

  • Present their project to peers and family
  • Communicate accomplishments and acquired knowledge