1. What grades does K12Kidz offer?

K12Kidz offers a comprehensive nationally aligned curriculum for Elementary School and  High School.

 2. What other courses does K12Kidz offer?

3. Is K12Kidz accredited?

Yes. K12Kidz Academy is accredited by National Independent Study Accreditation Council.

4. Will your program prepare my child for college?

Yes, our main objective is to provide an outstanding curriculum for each phase of a student’s life. Within this curriculum there is a vast database of knowledge, in depth subject immersion and mastery exams that will help students prepare for the challenging college environment.

5. How do I keep track of my child’s progress?

For students enrolled in our curriculum from kindergarten through to high school, you can access your child’s progress report through your the virtual classroom, for each of your child’s classes. This will be able to tell you exactly how well they are doing and where they may need to improve.
For students enrolled in our Technical School (including Imagine Mars, Keyboarding and Online Safety), you can also track your child’s progress within the programs dashboard.

6. Is there a time limit on assignments?

Absolutely not. Your child can work at his or her own pace, repeating the lessons they need, to make sure they are able to master the subject matter.

7. Is this curriculum a national standard?

K2Kidz offers a common core curriculum that is designed to align with our grade 1-12 content, as outlined by the NAEP.

8. What is better about K12Kidz when compared to other virtual schools?

Please refer to our features page to learn more about K12Kidz and how we offer more at an affordable price than any other online school.

9. Is there a contract?

No. You are not bound by a contact, we keep things easy by offering a month-to-month plan that you can cancel anytime. Once you cancel you will have access until your next billing period.

10. What type of school is K12Kidz?

K12Kidz is an online private school. Our program offers a virtual classroom for your child where they can work at their own pace mastering each lesson. Most of our students are homeschoolers and their parents find that it is a very easy, practical and effective solution. They feel at ease knowing that there aren’t any gaps in their child’s education. We also cater to students who are enrolled solely in our school electives such as our GED Prep, Credit Recovery Program, Advanced Placement Program and our Technical School.

11. What are assessment tests ?

Assessments are tests a child can take to be able to determine exactly where they are proficient in and where they need extra help. When a child takes our assessment test they are then presented with a customized core curriculum from 1st to 12th grades to fit their needs so they may benefit as much as possible from our program.

12. How do I know which grade my child should be in?

We offer assessment tests that will help you determine which grade you can place your child in. However you can simply choose to place your child  in the grade you deem appropriate and should they find it too difficult or easy we can easily adjust their grade level accordingly.

13. Why are the AP Course programs more expensive?

This class is only offered with a live teacher. Access is granted for one year from date of enrollment.

14. Why is Writing the only class not automatically graded?

Our Writing class is not automatically graded like every other class, we encourage parents to take part in this class to review their child’s work and ensure their Writing is progressing.  K12Kidz curriculum is fully automated and grades every lesson, however Writing is where children can practice and feel free to progress without complete automation.  Once the lessons are completed parents email us and tell us how their child did in writing, translating this into a number grade. We then proceed to add this grade to the child’s record.

15. Who can benefit from the courses K12Kidz offers?

K12Kidz caters to all students desiring to obtain a complete online education that offers an accredited curriculum and ultimately receive their high school diploma.

16. How do refunds work?

Your membership is billed monthly, when you cancel you will have access until your next billing cycle.  There are no refunds since access is granted for the entire month.

17. How soon after registration will I be able to access my courses?

Within 24 to 48hrs you will be emailed your student’s  user ID information for each of the courses you have enrolled in.