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For many students, getting a high school diploma doesn’t mark the end of a high school education. Unfortunately, according to the latest annual survey from the nonprofit testing organization ACT, which measured half of the nation’s high school seniors in English, math, reading and science proficiency. Only 25 percent cleared all of ACT’s college preparedness benchmarks, while 75 percent will likely spend part of their freshman year wasting college tuition to re-learn high-school-level course work. Thus extending a two year degree to a third or sometimes fourth year stay, or a four year degree to a fifth or even sixth year stay. Why pay a college to learn something you were already taught in high school, when you can simply take an online course and be where you need to be to start college level courses?


With this need in mind, K12Kidz developed Kidz Score.  Kidz Score assists students who fall behind in any of the common challenging subjects such as Math, Science and English. The backbone of Kidz Score, is a comprehensive curriculum along with in depth assessments that test students in core concepts needed to master each course. After students complete the self-paced lesson material, post-tests measure and record academic gains, indicating whether students have displayed mastery of the course.


K12Kidz offers test assessments so parents and students can know exactly where they stand academically. We have two different types of assessments, Course and Adaptive.


1. Course Assessments


Our Course Assessments provide a comprehensive evaluation of the knowledge and skills that are taught in the course titles below.


2. Adaptive Assessments


Our adaptive assessment can be employed for completely individualized student instruction. This assessment is created by selecting particular skills to test. The difference is that the adaptive assessment can be configured to adapt to the student’s performance.


With a conservative estimate of $350 per class + $50 in books, transportation and fees the costs associated with on site remedial classes, which do not count towards college credits, can often be prohibitive. K12Kidz is able offer these classes at an affordable price to give every student a chance to start college at a college level. Our extensive course list covers all the necessary material students need in a manner that is engaging and easy to understand.

K12Kidz is proud announce our budget friendly highly effective Kidz Score remedial program for $299.95.  This will grant the student access to ALL our remedial courses. Imagine being able to catch up or simply confirm that you are where you need to be, in Math, English & Science for less than the cost of one college course, all in the privacy of your own home.

Kidz Score Mathematics Course List


Kidz Score English Course List


Kidz Score Literature Course List


Kidz Score Writing Course List


Kidz Score Science Course List


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